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Purchase Your New Home with a Supreme Lending 

Trust Supreme Lending for a transparent and straightforward home loan process. Reinforced by our national 2021 97.8% customer satisfaction rate and an average of 20.67 business days to closing, we’re proud to provide home loans that take the worry and stress out of the homebuying process. With our collaborative communication, expert insights, and speedy turnaround times, your path to purchasing a new home will be a breeze. Are you ready to secure your new home? Contact to get started

The process of acquiring a property as a primary place of residence, second home, or investment property.


  • Interest on a mortgage may be tax-deductible*
  • Potential to Build Equity Through your Own Mortgage Payment
  • May be Able to Capitalize on Prospective Market Value Increases
  • Invest in your Own Financial Future not the Landlord’s

*Supreme Lending is not a licensed CPA or Tax consultant and, therefore, cannot determine if your mortgage interest will be eligible as a tax deduction per IRS code. You are advised to contact a tax professional. This in no way implies you are guaranteed a tax credit.

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Your Home Loan Partner

Going through a homebuying process can be challenging. Let Supreme Lending DFW take the lead. Our experienced team of professionals has a single goal in mind: To collaborate with our clients and process home loans quickly and accurately. It’s our priority to make acquiring a loan to buy your new home as effortless as possible. Let us take the wheel.

Our national customer satisfaction rating for 2021 of 97% is a hallmark of how seriously we take our work. From the moment you fill out initial loan paperwork to the closing table, we’ll be here every step of the way. We’re available to answer any questions, take care of your concerns, and efficiently and accurately process your loan so you can move in as fast as possible. Purchasing a home loan can be simple!

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Before You Purchase a Home, Get Pre-Qualified

It’s crucial to become pre-qualified before you start looking for your dream home. Pre-qualification allows borrowers to purchase a house at the terms and conditions they can comfortably afford. Becoming pre-qualified also gives you an advantage when negotiating with sellers because they’ll know you’re a serious and qualified buyer.

The steps to becoming pre-qualified are relatively simple. You’ll need to provide details like your employment status, finances, and the locations where you plan to go house hunting. This discussion helps decide the type of house you can afford and the loan that best matches your circumstance. Are you ready to get pre-qualified? Contact us, and a licensed representative will reach out to you.

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FAQs On Easy Home Purchase Loans

Before you apply for a home loan, there are a lot of things to consider. Our team has compiled a few questions we’ve received from previous customers Check them out!
frequently asked questions!

Can I Get an Estimate of How Much My Monthly Payment Will Be?

Yes! We recommend you use our monthly payment calculator. Need an estimate for refinancing, down payments, and affordability? Supreme Lending has a calculators for those, too. It’s a great idea to get a ballpark estimate before you purchase a home so you can make a realistic and comfortable spending plan.

What Types of Home Loans Can I Get?

There are two main types of home loans: Conventional and government loan programs. Each of them breaks down into subcategories. Government loans include FHA, VA, and USDA Loans.

What Do All of these Legal Terms mean?

While navigating your home loan approval process, you might have come across some unique terms. It’s not necessary for you to know each one but understanding some of the lingo is a good idea. Our team has put together a glossary of need-to-know terms to help you understand the process.

Do I Have to Have a Budget Before Applying for a Home Loan?

One of the first things you’ll be asked when you apply for a home loan is how much you’re currently spending each month. It’s extremely beneficial for you to calculate exactly how much your monthly expenses are. Otherwise, you might end up with a house that’s more than you can afford.

Choose Supreme Lending for Peace of Mind

At Supreme Lending DFW, we’ve cultivated a level of trust with investors. This translates to lower interest rates, closing costs, and speedy turnaround times for our customers.

Fill out our contact form and become pre-qualified for your home loan now! 

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